Hello there! It’s rather incredible to think that TGR is three years old today. Even if the last year was less than satisfying looking at the amount of published posts, it was still a year, and we’re still here. I say let’s call it the year of our growing pains. Because we’re growing, we’re changing. […]

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Hello there! Not too long ago I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing a rehearsal, and it was amazing – even though some members of the band were absent. One of my long time wishes was to actually document an occasion like this, and I was in luck. They let me take some pictures. Honestly, I […]

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Hello there! So, this is going to be some personal shit. Emma and I did this shoot in June, and honestly, I’ve been going back and forth with it in my mind. We could say that I’m still a little scared to post it, or to even write about all the things I want to. […]

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London, 2015

Hello there! I’ve finally gotten my pictures from two years ago digitalised! That was the first time I went to London, also the first time that I’ve seriously shot anything with an analog camera. Looking at these pictures always brings the feeling of nostalgia, because although a lot of things have changed since then, those […]

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  Photographed by Emma Szlabey This is the third and final part of our shoot from last August Part I Part II Have you ever seen someone so unimpressed with a lollipop in their mouth? Lots of love, Lili

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Photographed by Emma Szlabey This is the second part of a shoot we did back in August last year.* There will be a third part from this shoot and then there will be new, up to date content! Lots of love, Lili * Link to the first part

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