Photographed by Emma Szlabey This is the second part of a shoot we did back in August last year.* There will be a third part from this shoot and then there will be new, up to date content! Lots of love, Lili * Link to the first part

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It’s time for me to finally take the goddamn control. I want to actually bring my ideas to life and not do a half ass work, betraying myself. Saying that is easy, way too easy, when a creativity and confidence rush is upon a person, but maybe, just maybe, if I write it down, then […]

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Best Tuesday

Hello there! I read somewhere that your next Tuesday could be the best Tuesday of your life so don’t give up. And that is true, it’s never the answer to give up, I believe that you have to fight with all you’ve got, but to be very honest, I don’t want to have my best […]

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City Heat

Hello there! Although today was all gloomy and cold and just overall not even close to warm, the day we shot this, was (once again) meltin’ hot. We also witnessed a group of boys sprinting past us, first we thought that they’re late to somewhere or it’s an emergency. But 5 minutes have passed and […]

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Hello there! I  had the chance to work with Plemo and they sent me a few things to review – and was I disappointed? Hell no. The first thing was this set of brushes, but there’s one thing that you have to know first. I’ve never been a huge “makeup artist”, yet somehow most of […]

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