A Fun Friday Afternoon

Hello there!

We have this tradition with my best friend, Emma, that on Fridays we go and wander in the city (at the moment I live in Budapest). Not that we wouldn’t just run up and down in there everyday, but I personally think that it’s important to have time to explore. You can find some bloody amazing places, if you look closely (and if you follow some cool people on Instagram or Twitter and check out the places they go to, haha).

First, we went to a cute vintage boutique, called LoveBug Vintage. We had a few problems finding it tho, because it’s really small, and it’s actually in the inner garden of an apartment house, you have to ring the doorbell and they let you in.

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed in the shop, because we’ve heard so many good things about it, and I expected more. We still found a few cool pieces, but their shoe collection was poor, and most of the things weren’t really… good looking. On the other side, the obviously fine things were a bit over the price, looking at the range of the shop. I still got a mesh shirt – which is in a good condition, and was on sale – and a set of tattoos (hey, don’t judge me), I also thought about buying a necklace too, but their prices weren’t normally placed, and that was maybe the fifth thing that I would have asked about. The lighting wasn’t good, so a few things looked differently in that light, than in the window.

The shop’s vibe is definitely cool and homey, coming from the fact that it’s an actual apartment, but from the same reason, it can get really crowded as well. I would say, that if you have time to really search through the things they have, and you have time before 2 pm, then definitely go. After 2 pm it get’s more busy, obviously you can go whenever you want to, it’s just my opinion.






After that we were quite hungry, so we decided to check out a place, called Finomító Kantin, a few streets away, and oh my, I’m so happy we did!

When I saw the window of the place, I thought that I’m in love, and as we got in… I was definitely in love.

The whole restaurant was so charming, and I just ultimately got that “I never want to leave” feeling. The music was on the perfect volume, and they were sooooo lovely! And their prices were just amazing too! If I’m not mistaken it’s a family owned business, and you can feel that in there.

And the food… I lived up to “Go hard, or go home”, so I had a BBQ Burger with a small portion of fries (with home made mayonnaise), and a raspberry juice. It was amazing! I think Emma had a cold salmon sandwich, and she was in love as well.

The greatest thing out of it all, that we literally took pictures of almost everything, at one point Emma raised her leg to take a photo of her shoes with the ceiling, and nobody cared! I definitely will be returning there, and I recommend it to you with all of my heart (and stomach)!







Thank you for reading!

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Lots of love,



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