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So in my first post I’ve mentioned that this blog will contain self written stories next to lifestyle and all that other stuff, so here we go with the first one!



Once when I was 17, there was this cab driver, I got tangled up with. One night he just rolled into my life with the windows down, and I haven’t felt that free since he left. I was stressed out with school, my future.. and he was 19, haven’t finished school, and he said that he is having the time of his life. So, I had to get from my house to a party, and my mom gave me money to call a taxi. He was a chatty one. But he asked deep things, and I just assume that he liked what he heard, because when we were halfway there, he asked

“Do you want to come and sit on the passenger seat?”

Of course I wanted to sit on the passenger seat, I was absolutely blown away by his looks, his voice and his thoughts. He stopped, I got out and got right back in, next to him. He smirked at me, and I literally couldn’t decide wether my heart dropped or my panties. When we got to the place of the party, he asked me one more thing

“Do you want to come to Rio with me?”

“Like, now?”

“Yes. Now.”

And I went to Rio with him. I went to Rio with a stranger. He could have been a serial killer, but no, he took me to Rio and brought me back without a scratch…but with another heart.

I have no idea how he got the tickets, or the money, or anything. We drove to the airport, and he parked near to the back entrance. The only thing I remember is how I was holding onto my little farmer jacket and leather fringe bag when he shook hands with somebody, who let us in. We simply got on a small plane which was flying straight to Rio.

On the flight we just talked, talked, talked and talked. I was slowly falling in love with him, and I think he was falling in love with me too. I said something that made him laugh so much, he was almost crying, and there was a look, that he gave me. Later on I just called that “The Look”, because every time he did that it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. He did that a lot, actually.

When we landed, we got in another cab, but this time he wasn’t the one to drive. We sat opposite to each other on the back seat, with our backs to the doors, and stared into the other’s eyes.

We arrived to a narrow street, with clotheslines above our heads, hung between the two lines of buildings. He knocked on one of the windows, and an old lady came out, in a bright red silk dressing gown and red lipstick. When she saw him, she started smiling and hugged him, then hugged me. We went into the apartment, and had something to eat.. I don’t even know what it was, the surrealism of the whole thing was too exciting. The Lady was really nice, and we talked even more around the table, the three of us.

Then he politely stood up, and looked at me. I joined him, and we went up on the stairs. They opened right into a small room with a huge mattress pushed to one side of the room, and a bathtub on the other side. The shutter was almost entirely closed on the window, the smallest amount of light got in the room.

He stepped closer, and touched my arm. It was the first time when I felt his skin on mine, and the first time when I heard his breathing from so close. I had shivers in the whole of my body. He slowly stroked every inch of my arm, neck, and face before he leaned in for a kiss. It was so light, almost just a pat on the lips, but it lit a huge fire inside me. He started undressing me, leaving kisses on the way where the fabric was. Ten minutes later there we were, naked, kissing, in the middle of a room, in Rio.

That night we made love. And the next day. And the night following.

We made love all the time.

One morning I was sleeping, when a flash woke me up.

“Look what I’ve got!”

He said.


“A polaroid camera!”

So we took pictures. I posed naked, I posed in the bath, we even had a picture together.

We rarely left that apartment, for the time while we were there I haven’t worn clothes, only a light blue silk dressing gown, what the Lady lent me, when we were eating, or when he left for a bit.

But it couldn’t be like that forever.

The Lady died.

She didn’t come back one day, and the next thing we knew, that her daughter came to collect her belongings, and kick us out of the apartment.

We spent our last night in Rio on the beach, looking at the stars, holding hands.

The next day we just wandered around the city, but nothing was the same.

On the flight back home we couldn’t talk.

The cab was exactly where we left it.

I sat on the passenger seat again, but I was sad.

He drove me back to my house, to the place where I first sat into his car, but it didn’t feel like home now.

Home was with him.

We just sat in the car for maybe another hour, just holding onto each other, because for some unspoken reason we both knew that this is the end.

It’s not going to be the same here.

And for the last time, he gave me a passionate kiss.

“I love you.”

He said. I started crying, and just couldn’t let go of him. It might have been another hour, but it felt like a few minutes.

“I love you too.”

I replied, and gathered my strength to open the door.

“I will never forget you.”

I said, as I leaned back through the window, before walking up to my house.

I opened the door, and waited for him to start the car and leave.

The hall was dark, when I closed door. It’s been a good five minutes ’till my parents came down. My mother started crying and hugged me. My dad didn’t speak, just held me and mum in his arms.

If I remember correctly I didn’t speak for another week. The police came to question me several times, and my mum tried as well, but all I did was sleep in my room. I’ve never told anyone where I was.

And why I’m telling you this now?

Because it has been 24 years, and this week I visited my parents…and I was invited to one of my old friend’s dinner party.

So I ordered a cab.

I didn’t even glance at the driver, through the years I gave up looking for him, and I learned that this is the best way to keep the memories buried.

The minutes and streets passed, and I was trying to figure out how to pretend that I like most of the people who are invited, when his voice broke the silence.

“Did you go back to school?”

I rapidly raised my head, and our eyes met in the mirror.

It was him, after so many years, it was him again.

“You know that when I was in your neighbourhood I always hoped to find you, even when I wasn’t looking for you.”

“I..I-I moved. I don’t use cabs here often.”

“Are you married?”

“Y-yes, I am. And I have two children. A-are you?”

He laughed.

“No, I’m not. I’ve been driving cabs for the past 24 years. I haven’t graduated. I don’t really have a career…I tried writing a book, but all the publishers I went to with it said that it’s too ‘raw’.. Nobody wants to marry a guy like me.”

“Please don’t say that.”

I said, battling with my tears.

“Why not? It’s true.”

“Please! For all these years, I was just hoping that you are happy. That was the thing I really wanted with all of my heart. Because you were so important to me. You changed me! You were the first person I’ve ever loved with all of my soul and body, and I never really stopped loving you. You shaped me. I became the person I am today, because we did what we did. I’ve never been so free and happy in my life since Rio. And the only thing that made me feel better was the thought of you being happy. And when you talk about yourself like that you are breaking my heart..”

I was crying, and he was quite. We didn’t speak for the rest of the ride. When we got there he started talking again.

“No need to pay. It’s on me.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s just a few dollars, not a big deal.”

“No..not just that. Thank you.”

And I got out of the car.


He shouted, and reached for an envelope on the dashboard.

“This is for you.”

I looked into it, and they were our polaroids. A bit faded, but they were still priceless.

Before I could have said anything else, he left, and I was there, just standing next to the road, with an envelope pressed to my chest.


By Lili Halder


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