Thoughts When Running

Hello there!

I know, I know… My last post was about working out too, but hey, I promise, this is not all that you’re going to get. I’ve just really been into… health? I even went running! Like, out. To the street where people can perfectly see me.. I even talked to another runner! WOW!

To make it clear, the thing is that I’ve only ran in place in my room, the last time I’ve tried running outside was almost two years ago, and as you can guess, it did not go well.

But I even went that far to bring my dog with me this time.

So, here I gathered the different thoughts I’ve had while running.

“Okay Lili, you can do it! You need those bomb legs!”

“Hmm, this is actually going really well!”

“Rex, I now that this is kind of your walk too, but do we really need to stop at every other tree?”

“Omg, did these stairs grow since I haven’t been here?”

I’ve managed to RUN up the stairs, 94 steps, I counted.

“I’m going to die.”

“Nooooo, you’re not.”

“Why the bloody hell on Earth did I not bring water with me?”

“Oh my..that’s a hot boy. Goddamn!”

He said ‘Hi’ when we ran past him.

“I think I’m getting the hang of it now!”

*after 20 meters*

“Nope, I’m not..”

“You need to stop crying and actually get your game on! You CAN do it.”

“I wonder who invented running as sport. I mean, the first person who ran had to run because I don’t know what animal from the prehistoric times was running after them. Wait, isn’t it just a normal thing to run when you want to do something faster.. Animals run too. Obvs, dummy, Rex is running with you!”

“There is another runner. What do I do? Do I wave? Do I say hi?”

Another runner: Hello!

“Say hello! And smile.”

She stops and asks me how old is Rex, we start talking.

“I don’t usually socialize when I look like this, but at least I don’t smell that bad.”

We say good bye, I start running again.

“This was your

(well deserved) break, now you can’t stop until you get home!”

“It’s really funny how when you don’t think about running it gets easier.”

*thinks about running*

“Sh*t, why did I do that?”

“A car is coming from behind. They’re going to see everything what’s awkward about running. God help me.”

*people in the car don’t care about me at all*

“I am proud of myself, I didn’t thought that I can run this far, especially that I hav……”

*Rex decides to stop right in front of me and I almost trip over him*

“What the actual f*ck Rex?!”

*He looks at me with really cute eyes*

“Ooooooh, I know, I’m sorry, I know you didn’t mean to do that, right? I am so sorry! You know what, we are going to walk, because this is your walk, not just me running.”

*Hugs dog*

“Hey babe!” *talking to dog* “We’re almost home. Can we run again please? I want the hot neighbour to see me run. ‘kay? Okay.”

*starts running again*

*hot neighbour is not at home*

“It went really good! We need to go again”

And since that, we went running twice, and to be honest with you, after I finish this post, we are going to go again.

I am truly proud of myself for keeping the motivation, and it’s been such a great feeling that I can actually run for a longer distance!

Do you have similar things when you go running?

Do you have a dog to run with?

Thank you for reading!

If you want more of me rambling, go and follow me on Twitter!

Lots of love,



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