Mascarpone-Pesto Cream with Bacon | Recipe

Hello there!

The other day I made crème brûlée with a friend and as a secret ingredient we added a bit of mascarpone. Because we didn’t use up the whole package we had leftover, and I decided to get a bit creative with it.

Here’s what I came up with!


Serves 2

  • Mascarpone (1 and a 1/2 tbsp)
  • Pesto (1/2 tbsp)
  • Bacon (3 slices)
  • Butter


  1.  Put a bit of butter in a pan and wait for it to melt (over medium heat)
  2. Slice up the bacon into little squares and add it to the butter
  3. When the bacon starts to get a nice little golden tan add the mascarpone and the pesto
  4. Wait until the mascarpone starts melting and then just “mess it together” with the other ingredients

And Voilá! Super easy, right?

I served it on some paillasse bread (a Swiss bread), but you can really do whatever you want to do with it. I think it would be great with some pasta too! You can also customize the amount of ingredients depending on how you want it!

Because this cream is quite high in fats, I wouldn’t recommend eating it everyday, but for your cheat day or when you just want to eat something “bad” it’s perfect. However, it’s not a heavy food, you won’t feel like there’s a brick in your stomach.

If you make this cream at home make sure to tag me on Instagram and Twitter!

Lots of love,



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