On Flight Essentials

Hello there!

Recently I’ve been on a mini getaway – if you follow me on Instagram you’ll now where – and I wanted to share what I had in my bag!

Of course everything depends on the length of the flight, but as of my flight was only two and a half hours long, I didn’t jam pack my bag.

1. Wallet and papers

These things are so important to have with you! Your ID card and/or passport, money, and boarding pass. You won’t get anywhere without these, so make sure that you check them multiple times and don’t forget anything important. Believe me, there’s nothing worse than forgetting one of these.

My pick:

Wallet from I Am

2. Something to read

Having a good book or magazine, or in my case, both, never hurt nobody. If you just want time to pass faster, or want to ignore your drunk seat neighbour (which yes, I had) these things are absolutely MUST to have with you. Also, they’re good for self-defense! I know, one very strange reason, but just think about how perfectly can you knock someone out with a heavier book!

My picks:

Vogue August

Arthur Conan Doyle – The Hound of the Baskervilles

3. Skin care

We all know that airplane air can suck all the life and health out of our skin, so that’s why it’s so important to have something with you, especially, if you want to look tip-top as soon as you get off the plane. I opted for a light weight moisturizer and my favourite lip balm, but if your flight is longer, you can bring a face mask, toner, or really any kind of skin care product you want to.

My picks:

Balea Beauty Effect Cream

Lush Chocolate Whipstick Lip Balm

4. Notebook

I don’t think that I’ll have to tell you so much about why having a notebook is handy. Brainstorming? No problem. Inspired to draw? Go on. Need to make a game plan for your vacation? You have lot’s of space inside that notebook.

Don’t forget to bring a pen too.

My pick:

Cahier Gourmand Macaron Notebook

5. Camera

If you want to take pictures with only your phone, that’s fine, but if you bring a professional camera, or really, any sort of camera with you, make sure, that’s it is in your hand luggage.

My pick:

Canon AE-1

6. Laptop

I didn’t take my laptop with me, for two simple reasons; I went for only a few days, and I wanted to unplug myself and relax a bit. But if you travel for work, or if you want to work during your holiday, then the same thing goes for your laptop as for your cameras. Put it in the hand luggage.


What are your On Flight Essentials?

Lots of love,








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