July Favourites

Hello there!

We have gotten to the end of another month, which means another monthly favourites on the blog!


1. Palm Print Culottes from H&M





I am in LOVE with this print and style. Not kidding, I’ve been living in these during the past month, they have been my go-to. I don’t even know what else I could say about them, they are an amazing deal for their price, and the quality is great.

Love, love, love!

2. Grey Candle from IKEA


IKEA has always been one of those places where I’d go to buy candles, because they offer nice candles for cheap, and if you have the nerves to dig through their whole variety, you can find some really good smelling ones. This grey one does not only look nice, it has an amazing light scent, which makes it the perfect bath time candle.

3. Black Shirt from New Look



It’s soft, it’s lightweight, it’s perfect for warmer weather (although it’s black) and I got it on sale!

What else could I ask for?

Especially, that it goes perfectly with my palm print culottes!



4. Green & Black’s Organic Thin Milk Chocolate



First of all, let me tell you how hard it’s been not to eat the whole damn thing in one go, that’s how delicious it is. Especially, that I’m a whore for almost anything salted caramel!

I had a little square every time I wanted some kind of treat, and I confess, it didn’t last the whole of July, I’m a human, but I’m proud of myself for not eating it all at once.

5. Arthur


My plant. Yes, I name my plants. His name is Arthur.

He’s a Monstera Deliciosa, or Swiss Cheese plant as known otherwise, and we are very happy together.

It might be a bit strange to have a plant as a favourite, but I’ve been wanting a plant like this for the longest time, and I’ve been LIVING since I got him.

What were your favourites this month?

Leave a comment if you name your plants too!

Lots of love,



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