The Trial of White

Hello there!

I would like to start off with the following statement; I am not crazy, nor someone who likes to destroy her clothes – I am simply curious (and also in need of content).

As you may know I went to Sziget Festival – and wore white more than once.

Rule number one of non-Coachella festival dressing is “Don’t bring it/wear it, if you fear for it.”…and then try to put together the perfect festival chic outfit. Although I made up that rule, I kind of, like, may have broken it immediately with wearing white, but hey, I have some experience now that I can share with you!

(Warning: Clothes might have been harmed in the making of this post)

Ps.: Pictures coming soon!


White Overall

This was on day one – and by that, think about waiting in lines for a long time, only  to get onto the property of the actual festival, get money on your Festipay card, somehow put up your tent if you have one, walk around to kind of get to know the actual place, so you don’t have to check the map every minute if you want to get to the main stage, find the acceptable toilets, AND THEN start to party, attend the concerts you want to, and let’s not forget one major friend on this day (or really any day): sweat. Because you are going to sweat.

I’m going to be totally honest with you. I wasn’t gentle with my overall, there was some rolling around in the grass, sitting in dirt, getting splashed with beer – which is inevitable when you’re standing close to the stage and the only direction you can move to is up – and by the end of the day it was quite damp too, not only because of the 5 liters of water I have successfully sweated out, but because of those heavenly little water thingies above the crowd they try to cool you down with, and because of those not so heavenly boys who attack you with water guns and shoot you in the face from really close.

After this description of the first day, you will be pleased to know, that the overall made it in one piece, but was kind of a weird-white/ish-brown color.

The first round in the washing machine did not get out all of the strange dirty patches, but after the second time – it was just as white as before the festival!


White Shirt

I wore this little number from New Look on one of the shorter nights, when all I did was stand in a crowd jumping (alt-fricking-J!!!!!) and dancing, and dancing, and a bit more of dancing, and then a little walking.

Besides the dampness, the shirt only became a little dirty looking – you know, when it’s not really that white anymore, but it’s not that gross either. One round in the washing machine, and you couldn’t tell that it has visited a festival.

All I wish is that I bought it in a little bigger size, because although they fit, you can clearly see the lines of my bra.


Blue and White Vintage Shorts

(from my June Favourites)

White – or basically light colored – shorts, skirts, skorts, anything you want, are trickier than white shirts, because they’re on your booty, and I dunno about you, but I usually sit down on my bottoms, and not on my chest. I don’t want to worry about some strange greenish brown patch on my short, which basically looks like as if (excuse my french) I shat myself.

But I did take the risk, and wore this little number. Wasn’t gentle with it either (read above), and I have to tell you – I was bloody well surprised!

Not only did they not get any weird patch on them, they didn’t even get that dirty! I wore them twice before I washed them, and I didn’t wash them because they looked bad, I washed them because I just didn’t feel like wearing them after the two nights they have been through.


At the end I didn’t ruin none of the clothing I wore, and I’m especially happy that none of my white pieces had to be downgraded to loungewear!

Would you ever risk a white piece of clothing if you were up to all the “festival naughtiness” ?

Lots of love,




Top 5 Strangest Things I’ve Seen

  1. A guy literally eating (biting, licking, putting it in his mouth) his girlfriend’s  hands during a romantic song.
  2. Tipsy mother, forcing her 10 years old child to jump around and dance with her, when the little girl refuses ‘to have fun’, she splashes her in the face with water and laughs. Poor child.
  3. A guy with a metallic skull mask and orange afro wig asking every girl if they want to shower with him.
  4. Tall guy at the front with a huuuge backpack, reading a newspaper, not paying any attention to the concert.
  5. When someone desperately tries to move behind him and pushes his backpack a bit away, he’s the one to question ‘What the actual fuck is going on?’.

What’s the weirdest thing you have ever experienced at a festival?


2 thoughts on “The Trial of White

    1. It’s actually surprising how well white clothes did on the festival! Oh, yes, we’ve all experienced those mysterious stains, I think sometimes it’s better if I don’t know what got on my clothes, otherwise I’d start crying, hahah. Yes, indeed it was wild, but such an experience! I checked out your diary and I really liked it! It’s funny how similar experiences we had, and I’m happy that I wasn’t the only one who almost fell because of a plastic bottle… Thank you for commenting!

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