Across the Country

Hello there!

As summer is almost over, I’m getting ready to settle back to my comfortable home, with my pretty white bed sheets and Arthur (my plant, duh), but until the colder weather sets in, I’m getting as much “adventure” in my life as I can!

Eating chips and salsa on the top of a Defender, while watching the sunset? Check.

Somehow making a quite proper shower outside, and then showering while watching the stars? Check.

Trying to get to the other side of a creek, and then getting stuck in the mud halfway through, with nobody willing to help you? Check.

Running in the middle of the street at 1 am, and taking photographs with a disposable camera? Been there, done that.

And doing all of this while looking good?

Well, working on it.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what else I’m up to (my life is not always this exciting, sorry)!

Lots of love,


Photographed by: Éva Szűcs & Emma Szlabey




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