Rosé, Merlot and Peach

Hello there!

I have something disappointing to tell you; this post has almost nothing to do with wines. Nor with a peach. Well, only with their color.

Don’t be afraid to wear different tones of pink (#50ShadesofPink is going to be big on Instagram this autumn, believe me) , although I’d suggest avoiding wearing too much hot pink… We all know that life isn’t a Moschino fashion show – you can be Barbie if you really want to tho, just go ahead – but you can really work out what tones of pink suit you, and then… there’s no stopping from there!

Powder pink? Rosé? Mallow? Merlot? Bordeaux? Wear all ’em tones!

And don’t forget to drink a glass of wine, while you’re looking that fabulous!

Lots of love,


Photographed by: Éva Szűcs & Emma Szlabey


DSC_5142 DSC_5104detailed




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