September Favourites

Hello there!

October has already begun, it’s colder outside day by day, and all I can think about is going on a vacation next to the beach!

Not that I hate this weather, I actually like gloomy days and layering my clothes, but still, sunbathing would be nice.

Let’s just jump into my September Favourites!

1. ANNY 065 Dark Night nail polish



This is such a perfect colour for autumn, and I’ve been wearing it for almost the whole month. I got so many compliments, and been smiling from ear to ear every time I looked at my hands, simply because it looked so pretty!

I also really like Anny nail polishes, because they’re such good quality, and even without a top coat, they stay on for a long time!

2. Scarf from H&M



I’m in love with this scarf. I was wandering around in H&M, when I first laid my eyes on it, and I just had to get it. What’s really great about it is that you can style it in many different ways, and you can wear it with multiple outfits.

3. Bioderma Sensibio H2O (100ml)


I’ve been a loyal buyer of this product for years, and when I saw this little guy on sale for ridiculously cheap, I thought that it would be the perfect addition to my handbag – and guess what, it was.

Sometimes you just wanna take off your makeup halfway through the day, or just put on something else, and this is the answer for all your questions.

4. Thelonious Monk

I’ve been listening to Thelonious Monk on repeat for hours every week! When I’m working, I just put him on in the background (in fact, I’m actually listening to him right now) and it’s just so good.

I have my phases with jazz music, sometimes I can’t stand more than a few songs, sometimes it’s all I listen to, and lately, I’ve been really into listening to jazz during my “off” time, for example, in the bath.

Just search his name on Spotify and start playing his songs, if you like jazz – and you don’t know him yet – you’ll thank me later.

One of my personal favourite from him is ‘Ruby, My Dear‘.


What were your favourites this month?

What kind of vacation are you daydreaming about right now?

Lots of love,



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