A Bubbly Afternoon

Hello there!

This weekend my friend, Sophie, and I went to a place called BUBU Bubble Tea Shop and oh my, it was amazing!

I think that I am officially obsessed with bubble tea. Seriously.

The minute you step into the shop, your jaw drops. The whole place has a nice, cozy feel to it and the variety of things you can order is almost overwhelming – and they even have bloody home delivery!

Oh, and they have wi-fi and they play K-Pop.

Do I need to say anything else?


First, I got a warm lychee flavoured green tea with popping boba, while Sophie got a warm chocolate milk with black tapioca and both were  fan-fricking-tastic!

In the second round, because we obviously ordered twice, Sophie got a warm blueberry tea with all kinds of toppings (popping boba, black tapioca, jelly) and I got a warm chocolate milk with popping boba.

And I haven’t even mentioned Pepero. I think I’ve found my new guilty pleasure – white cookie Pepero. No, I totally didn’t buy a second pack after tasting it in the shop, what are you talking about?

The two girls who made the teas were really nice, and not only them, but the rest of the costumers as well. Probably that’s why we spent 2 hours there…and will be returning soon.

If you come to Budapest I definitely recommend that you go there (we were in the shop on Teréz Körút) and try some of their stuff, because not kidding, going there was one of the best things I did in December.

Have you ever tried bubble tea?

If so, what’s your favourite?

Lots of love,


/Author’s note: A huge “Thank you!” to Sophie for showing me this place and then putting up with me while I took pictures./



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