5 Tips for NYE

Hello there!

We’ve all been through that last minute panic;

What the hell am I going to do on New Year’s Eve?

Doesn’t matter if you had plans, or you’re trying to decide on the club of your choice three hours before the year ends, or if you’re just spending it at home, comfortably on you sofa, we all thought about it, because let’s face it – it’s one of those nights, when drinking (responsibly!) and staying up ’till 4 in the morning is definitely acceptable.

If you’re going to step into 2016 in the comfort of your home, then you’re kind of on a safe ground.

But if you’re going out…. Well, completely different story.

Here are five tips to enjoy your night as much as possible – and to be able to get up on the 1st.

1, Prepare everything at home before you leave

This is going to make your life so much easier. I’m talking about the little things, like putting the coffee blend in the machine, so the next day you just have to press a button, and boom! Coffee.

2, Comfortable shoes

Gurl, I’m sorry to break it down for you, but this is not the time to wear your glittery, 7 inch heels if you want to walk, let alone dance.

You can wear high heels, just make sure, that they are not going to kill you after the first two minutes (there’s a different time for those shoes, when you don’t have to walk, only from the car to the table, and you just want to look pretty as heck in them), my choice would definitely be chunky heels, which hold your ankles, too.

But if you really want to wear them, because you want to show them to the world, then at least have a pair of foldable flats, or if you’re not into carrying second shoes with yourself, a pair of thick, fuzzy socks.

And if you can wear those tower high heels and fool around without any complication….then TEACH ME, MASTER. Please.

3, Stick with who you’re going with

If you’re going out, I’m assuming, that you’re not completely alone. Let it be with your best friend, or your whole 16 member ‘squad’ (that’s the word youngsters use these days, no?), stick with them.

It’s better to be safe, than to be sorry.

I know, I sound exactly like your mom and grandma, but guess what? They’re right!

And if you see someone lost and in a situation she/he doesn’t want to be in – help.

4, Remove your make up before catching them Zzz’s

It won’t only be 100% better for you skin, but you won’t scare yourself when you wake up at three in the afternoon and see a panda in your mirror. With some glitter added to it.

5, Drink. Water.

You’ll be so thankful, if you drink at least 3 (more like 5) tall glasses of water before going to bed.

You don’t want that terrible headache and hangover, right?



Enjoy your night and have fun!

Happy New Year!

Lots of love,



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