Still Alive

Hello there!

I’m going to skip the bullshit and the excuses of why I wasn’t active lately, I could’ve been if I would’ve tried harder to put something together.

But I didn’t try and I let things get carried away. Yeah, let’s not talk abou that.

But the other day I asked myself ‘What the heck are you doing??’ and realized that putting aside my creativity (both in writing and photographing) in the favour of other things that I’m not even doing for myself is horrible.

This is a part of me, The Golden Ramble is a part of me and I won’t abandon it for other people.

So I’m (crawling) back.

I have a lot of ideas, maybe even some bigger projects coming up, so Ladies and Gentlemen, secure your seatbelts. We might start low speed, but damn, we could quickly go from zero to a hundred.

Lots of love,



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