Chop Chop

Hello there!

You know there are those moments in life when you either want to be alone or you want your best friend to be there – getting your first tattoo, buying your first vibrator, and GETTING 20 FRICKING CENTIMETERS CUT OFF OF YOUR HAIR FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Because that’s what Emma did.

When did you first think about getting your hair cut and why?
For the first time I thought about it when my mum got her hair cut short, but I was really young back then, so I was like: ‘No, it must not look good on me.’ Then a few months ago it suddenly came to my mind: “I need a pixie cut, I really need it once in my life!” After thinking about it for a while, I just found out that damn gurl, I don’t have to wait!

And was there something that made you think twice about it?
I don’t think so, I was pretty confident. It was just weird to think that I’m not gonna have long hair.”

So she just went for it. Well, I mean first she went on the hunt for a great salon and as you can think, she found one – Olló (Scissors translated to English), and it is pure beauty! I mean, seriously. If we weren’t already excited enough from the thought of this major haircut, the salon made sure that we’re excited simply from being in an aesthetically pleasing facility. Yeah, we’re the kind of people who get excited from that.

Anyways, we were there, and are you ready? Even the people were nice! Zoli – the hairdresser – wasn’t even bothered by having ‘personal paparazzi’ on his neck, because we obviously had to document everything. So basically it’s everyone’s heaven on earth if they need quick chop.

But now back to the actual event – the cut!

What was going on in your head when he cut off your ponytail?
“Oh, my head is sooo light!”


From there on it was the waiting game.

Actually, our worries flew away quite quickly as we saw that she’s in the hands of a proffesional and we were, let’s just say, RATHER excited.

What was your first thought when it was “done”?
At the very end I thought “Finish it please, finish it faster, cuz I wanna touch it sooo bad!” Then when he finished it, I was just sitting there, looking at myself in the mirror and touching my hair like an idiot. I don’t know, it was just a really powerful feeling, I think.

Did you regret any of it?
Absolutely. No.”


And it was over – or I might say that the real journey just begun.

How’s the styling going?
Well, it’s hard, because when you fuck it up you can’t just make a ponytail. I honestly have no idea how to use wax, but it’s going to get better and you can’t really get it wrong.

Because it was kind of a secret, how much were people shocked?
I can say that people were surprised! There were sooo many funny and cute reactions. I wish that I could’ve made a little movie of it. I hope once someone will do that.

Are you happy with their reaction?
I am. To be honest, I really enjoy it. Everyone is like; “WHAAAT? Emma?? I only recognized you from your scarf!”

It has been a week since her hair is short and it suits her so much, not to mention that she’s rocking it big time.

But the most important;

Are you happy with it?
One of the best choices in my life, I think. So yes. I’m happy with it.”

Lots of love,



Special thanks to the salon and Emma




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