Quality VS Quantity

Hello there!

If you’re someone who puts out some sort of content – be it in any form – it’s 99.9% that you’ve thought about this topic before. The everlasting war of quality versus quantity. To be completely frank with you, I know very well which side I’m on and it’s definitely quality over quantity for me – but let me explain it to you.

Choosing quality can be actually more stressful, because you’re (or at least I am) worried, that this world that is so used to mass production will leave us behind, because we’re not able to put out more than two posts (or one) a week, but I won’t make a compromise on this one and I will not upload something that I’m not satisfied with. Thus that might mean 2 posts a month, especially if I’m having a difficulty with shooting actual content – like I’ve been having lately and to be honest, I don’t trust people enough to set my camera down on a tripod in the middle of the city and walk far enough to get a good shot when I’m all by myself.

So that’s one thing.

The other thing is feeling drained – again, if you’re in some sort of creative field, you probably know how difficult it is to get your shit together and get your creative juices flowing when all you want to do is just have a break and be able to basically do nothing for a while or simply get away from whatever you want to get away from. Because sitting over your laptop and staring at the keyboard, occasionally writing a few words and then deleting them is not. fun.

And feeling useless after that isn’t fun either.

That’s the bad part of choosing quality, but after all that stuff above comes the good.

Keeping in mind that this blog is not only for the readers, but for myself too is something very important, because as long as I’m not fine with how something looks, I won’t put it out there – you know, it’s always in the details. Of course, if I like it, that doesn’t mean that everybody else will like it and that’s were the whole “not only for the readers” stuff really comes out. Anyways, you can’t make everybody happy all the time. There might be a post, which I love with every cell in my body – and it won’t get any feedback. I’m not going to lie, it can be a little disappointing, but at the end of the day, I love it and it’s out there. If it inspired just one person, I’m happy, even if there’s no comment left by them.

Now I could say that those “Your biggest competitor is yourself.” and all the other sayings are bullshit, but they are actually kinda true. If you have confidence in what you’re doing and you own it, then other people will start thinking like that too. Unless you’re a sexist prick, then hopefully they won’t.

If you know what you can bring to the table, then you’ll be okay with your work and yourself.

And don’t be scared to take your time.

Which one do you prefer; quality or quantity?

Lots of love,



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