Hello there!

The 13th of May. The day when the blog went live.

The first anniversary.

So we’re here, a whole year later, with some ups and some downs behind us, but we’re here.

And I can tell you that we’ll be here for a long time.

I’m so happy that I’ve started the blog, because now I have my “own little corner of the internet” a place where I can express myself, where I’m comfortable and where I can be creative. It has become a part of my everyday life, even if just in little things – maybe seeing a good location and taking note of it. Or almost getting hit by a car while taking a picture, but that doesn’t matter, because we GOT the photograph that we wanted. A bit over the top? Maybe.

Although the blog didn’t get a huge amount of traffic in this past year, I’m still so thankful to everyone who has read even one post and I’m even more thankful to those of you, who come back regularly – it means a lot. Even if you don’t leave comments or like posts, I see you on the view count. Thank you!

There’s another person who I owe a huge thanks to: Emma.

If you’ve been here for a while, you know that her name is the one on pretty much every outfit post, but she’s not only my main photographer, but my great friend too. She’s been supportive in every possible aspect and she’s an awesome and creative work partner.


We went to have brunch to a mind blowing-ly beautiful place, Liberté Budapest, and we spoke a bit about this past year and we both agreed that we have grown and improved while working, while doing shoots. Now I definitely have a clearer picture in my head about which way the blog is heading and we’ll keep working for that.

(On another note, Liberté was actually fricking great, the food and oh lord, the coffee! Let alone how aesthetically pleasing the whole place was.)


As I said, now I have a “vision” you could say, so expect more in the future. Not only fashion, but editorials (digitorials). Another word on what is to come, I’m not so sure about ‘self written stuff’ – that is really…well, basically life dependent. Bear with me in every way.

I would really like to have more interaction with you guys, so if you’d like you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram, if a certain amount of people want it, also Snapchat perhaps. It would be great for this to happen, because blog statistics are not everything.

If you have anything to say about our anniversary, use #TGR1stAnniversary on both of the sites mentioned above!

Now imagine me popping a bottle of champagne and raising a glass – to the blog! And to you!

Thank you again, thank you a hundred times!

Lots of love,




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