Hello there!

I  had the chance to work with Plemo and they sent me a few things to review – and was I disappointed? Hell no.

The first thing was this set of brushes, but there’s one thing that you have to know first.

I’ve never been a huge “makeup artist”, yet somehow most of my looks have turned out pretty well. Yeah, it’s true that I’ve never needed a foundation brush for example, because I don’t wear foundation, only concealer and my own mixed BB cream IF I wear that at all. I owned the total of 2 eyeshadow brushes – 1 for light colours, 1 for dark.

But when I was trying out looks for an upcoming something (am I hinting here, ohohoo, am I or am I not?) and had to apply powder, bronzer AND blush with one brush… I knew that I had to step up my game.

And Plemo came just in the right time.


I wasn’t ready to get a full professional set with a zillion brushes, so that’s why this was perfect. They arrived really quickly, which was fantastic, because at that point I was desperate to see how much progress I could make when I have a little bit more to work with.

The first thing that made my heart beat a tiny bit faster was the packaging – it was simple, but still very pretty AND actually functional! You know when you’re going on a holiday or packing for a shoot, and you know that you’ll need brushes but have no idea where to put them? Especially if you’re like me and don’t want to squeeze them in your makeup bag or pouch with all the other things? Uhuh.

The container makes that easy and because of its round shape you can perfectly fit it next to your rolled up clothes. No place for the container? We got you, because there’s a little black bag, just like a pencil case, so it’s also easy to just throw in your bag.

Onto the brushes – they are very soft. Like, really very soft. And yupp, I was that person who sat at her table with a kinda weird grin while just…you know…caressing her face with a brush…not applying anything… Anyways, it’s not all about the bristles.

The wooden handle has a nice hold to it, it’s easy to work with and has a matte black finish with the brand name embossed.

Also, the brushes pick up products well and are easy to clean, sometimes lukewarm water is enough to rinse them out, which is a huge pro on the pro and con list. Talking about cons, so far I (((who’s not a professional and whose ‘good makeup day’ goes along the lines of not totally messing up her eyeliner and having that pretty highlighter provided glow when wearing any of the above))) couldn’t find one.

They’re a great, good quality set for a reasonable price and I would recommend them if you’re looking to widen your collection, or in fact to start one.


Lots of love,




In collaboration with Plemo.
I received this product at a reduced price for a honest review, which I have given.


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