TGR opened in May 2015 with the purpose of

sharing photographs and thoughts on any topic if we feel like it,

but now it’s mainly based on fashion and lifestyle.

Other than that, I have no idea what we’re actually doing.




Lili is the founder, creative director, writer, stylist and occasional photographer of the blog.

Since she has always enjoyed pretty much any creative activity where she could express herself, starting a blog seemed to be the perfect idea.

“I literally don’t remember when was the last day that I didn’t want to capture at least one thing  in the form of a visual image. Sometimes it’s spontaneous, sometimes I have a vision of something and plan it out, the schedule, the styling, the vibe…and it makes me bloody excited! So that’s why I started the blog.”




IMG_8749Emma is our all year around, all the best photographer, who occasionally helps out with styling.







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