September Favourites

Hello there! October has already begun, it’s colder outside day by day, and all I can think about is going on a vacation next to the beach! Not that I hate this weather, I actually like gloomy days and layering my clothes, but still, sunbathing would be nice. Let’s just jump into my September Favourites! […]

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August Favourites

Hello there! I could say that with the end of August, summer ends too, but I’m not going to. Simply because on the first week of September the temperature is going to be around 30 Celsius degrees in Hungary.. We could even hit 36 Celsius degrees! So with that being said, I don’t think that […]

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July Favourites

Hello there! We have gotten to the end of another month, which means another monthly favourites on the blog! Enjoy! 1. Palm Print Culottes from H&M I am in LOVE with this print and style. Not kidding, I’ve been living in these during the past month, they have been my go-to. I don’t even know […]

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July Cravings

Hello there! These are my cravings for this month, sorry for posting them halfway through July, haha! For two things I couldn’t find a link, but for the striped dish I could find a serving dish from the same collection, so I just linked that! Zara Home Striped Ceramic Dish Nanushka Mata Kaftan Dress Jason […]

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June Favourites

Hello there! I am not even going to try to say that there’s no theme in my June favs, because there is one, and that is skin care. This is the first month of summer, so your legs are showing more, and not just your legs, but basically everything. Maybe not if you live somewhere […]

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June Cravings

Hello there! Here are my cravings for this month. The framed things are on the top of the list, and after them are coming the numbered things. Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses by Miu Miu Leather Espadrille Sandals by Zara Movers and Shakers Dress by Nasty Gal 1. Essie Master Plan Nail polish 2. Paloma Coaster […]

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May Favourites

Hello there! It might be an overused phrase, but May has really flown away. It was like two days ago when everybody was throwing around “It’s gonna be May” pictures…oh, the nice times. So, back to what I was saying, I thought that I might as well share the things I’ve loved in this month! […]

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