Hello there! Not too long ago I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing a rehearsal, and it was amazing – even though some members of the band were absent. One of my long time wishes was to actually document an occasion like this, and I was in luck. They let me take some pictures. Honestly, I […]

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Hello there! So, this is going to be some personal shit. Emma and I did this shoot in June, and honestly, I’ve been going back and forth with it in my mind. We could say that I’m still a little scared to post it, or to even write about all the things I want to. […]

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London, 2015

Hello there! I’ve finally gotten my pictures from two years ago digitalised! That was the first time I went to London, also the first time that I’ve seriously shot anything with an analog camera. Looking at these pictures always brings the feeling of nostalgia, because although a lot of things have changed since then, those […]

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  Photographed by Emma Szlabey This is the third and final part of our shoot from last August Part I Part II Have you ever seen someone so unimpressed with a lollipop in their mouth? Lots of love, Lili

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Photographed by Emma Szlabey This is the second part of a shoot we did back in August last year.* There will be a third part from this shoot and then there will be new, up to date content! Lots of love, Lili * Link to the first part

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