Best Tuesday

Hello there! I read somewhere that your next Tuesday could be the best Tuesday of your life so don’t give up. And that is true, it’s never the answer to give up, I believe that you have to fight with all you’ve got, but to be very honest, I don’t want to have my best […]

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Gypsy Christmas

Hello there! First of all, I would like to say that I am not writing this in any form of racism, and it does not have any purpose to shame and/or make fun of gypsies. The story is based on actual events. In Hungary we have this thing twice in a year, when you can […]

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6:00 – I wake up Before seven thirty I have to wake the children up, get ready, make and eat breakfast. 7:30 – Leave the house We’re never on time. Get the kids in the car, take them to school, get stuck in a traffic jam. Have a breakdown. Be late. 9:00 – Start work […]

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Hello there! So in my first post I’ve mentioned that this blog will contain self written stories next to lifestyle and all that other stuff, so here we go with the first one! »«»«»« RIO Once when I was 17, there was this cab driver, I got tangled up with. One night he just rolled […]

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