Hello there! I  had the chance to work with Plemo and they sent me a few things to review – and was I disappointed? Hell no. The first thing was this set of brushes, but there’s one thing that you have to know first. I’ve never been a huge “makeup artist”, yet somehow most of […]

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Quality VS Quantity

Hello there! If you’re someone who puts out some sort of content – be it in any form – it’s 99.9% that you’ve thought about this topic before. The everlasting war of quality versus quantity. To be completely frank with you, I know very well which side I’m on and it’s definitely quality over quantity […]

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Festival Hairstyles

Hello there! From the title you could be thinking “Umm, Lili, wasn’t Coachella in April? Isn’t it a bit too late…or early?” or “People don’t usually do these kinds of posts for Lollapalooza…” maybe “Glastonbury ended not too long ago, but you’re still a bit late.” Well my friend, let me tell you something! The […]

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Welcome to The Golden Ramble

Hello Everyone, and just like the title says: welcome! I am Lili Halder, and this is The Golden Ramble, a blog about lifestyle, fashion and self written stories. Maybe a bit of interior design and beauty here and there! I’ve decided to go on this insane journey with blogging, and I’m hoping that you are […]

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